Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dinner report: Georgetown Liquor Company

Roll call: Walaka, Otis, Dingo, Merry, Jules, BK, Turtle, Soapy, Yojimbo
Veggie percentage: 100

Noisy bar: heavy metal jukebox*, in the airport flight path, right next to an arterial road and an active railway line, and I swear there were helicopters circling overhead from time to time. It was great! We clustered on stools around two round pub tables pushed together. I got to catch up with BK after way too long, including celebrating Turtle's retirement. Jules and Turtle talked flowers; Merry and Otis were in the center bouncing (leaning) back and forth between tables, and who knows what-all the other end of the crowd was up to. Three enchiladas, a Lowell, a vegan Picard, a Darth Reuben, a Nemo, a Baron, and a Root Veggie Plate: all delicious. Only four vehicles for nine people: cool, too.

*It tickled me to think that clean-cut Steve probably knew the bar's playlist better than most of the pierced, tattooed, leather-clad punk-biker-hipsters in the joint.

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lowcoolant said...

When "Kickstart My Heart" started playing I actually gave the table a quick lesson on the Heil Talkbox.