Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dinner report: Jai Thai

Roll Call: Walaka, Otis, Johnbai, Merry, Dingo, A-Wo, JagGirl
Veggie percentage: 86%

In a bit of good luck, Otis's schedule changed so she could join the meal after all; in a bit of bad luck, the Fremont Bridge was open for a long time just as the parties were arriving, making driving and parking problematical. Once we got to dinner, though, all that was forgotten. We had a sweet and attentive server, all the food was good, and the portions were generous. Extra bonus points for brown rice! The meal turned into Currypalooza; although there were a couple of noodle dishes on the table, all god's chillun had curry. After dinner, we walked down the block to get some gelato and sit in the shadow of Lenin (almost literally) to continue the ebullience until Dingo's departure for the airport signaled the end of the evening.

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