Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dinner report: Taste of India

Roll call: Walaka, Otis, NatDog, TomCat, Johnbai, O, Cal
Veggie percentage: 100

We had a sort-of reservation, which meant that event though we reached quorum a little late, there still wasn't a big table ready, but it all worked out because in the end we wound up with an entire room to ourselves. The theme turned out to be post-exercisorial: Johnbai and O came straight from a softball game, NatDog from a gym class, and Cal from tennis; Otis came straight from back-to-back massage appointments, so she had been working out, too. There was just a little bit of how-many-stars-hot one-upsmanship and wide array of dishes on the table; the butter marsala (my dish) seemed to be the crowd-pleaser, but all the food was good.More importantly, there was a whole lot of wide-ranging, pleasant conversation between intelligent people of good will.

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