Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dinner report: Bamboo Garden

Roll Call: Walaka, Otis, Merry, JagGirl, Lon, Jules, Kris-10, Rye-N, Johnbai
Veggie percentage: 100%

After a rough start with scheduling and traffic woes, this week's dinner blossomed into a veritable banquet. It turned out all right that the party staggered in late, because the restaurant had to find a table for nine! We wound up in a comfortable corner at a big round table with a lazy susan, setting the scene for a paradigmatic family-style Chinese dinner. The dishes included sesame "chicken," skewers of "bacon" and "sausage," sweet-and-sour "pork," and "eggplant" - oh, wait, I guess the eggplant was real, as were the tofu skins. As usual, the conversation was wide-ranging, from Johnbai's most embarrassing moments to everyone's favorite Olympic events. A long, late dinner, and a definite success.

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