Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dinner report: Pho Cyclo

Roll call: Walaka, Johnbai, Merry, J-Force, T-Square, Dingo, BK, Turtle, Dar-Dar, Sylvio
Cold feet: Neds
Veggie percentage: 40/44*

What a crew! We came from as close as five blocks and as far away as fifty miles and filled the back section of Pho Cyclo. Despite some confusion when the orders came, everyone got what they wanted and liked what they got, and we all got out cheap - there's nothing like Cyclo for quick and inexpensive Vietnamese food. The weather wasn't cooperating for a real al fresco experience, but our mood was sunny enough to make up for it, and we had the extra benefit of seeing Dar-Dar and Sylvio after way too long (even though Syl only dropped by after walking the dog). After dinner, the party peeled off: T-Square and Merry to the library and J-Force and Dar-Dar off to look at a tool, but the rest of us moved the feast to Crazycherry frozen yogurt and then Peet's Coffee down the street to continue the evening for a while.

*40% of those present, 44% of those who ate anything

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