Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dinner report: Third Place Books/Lake Forest Park

Roll call: Walaka, Otis, Jimmy the K, CuteJulia, BK, Turtle, Soapy, Dingo, Johnbai, O
Cold feet: Stella
Veggie percentage: 60/66*

Well, we sure filled our share of the Third Place Commons last night. Between about 5:30 and 6:30, the crowd at our table growed like Topsy until we exceeded critical mass and CuteJulia left to take some of the pressure off. (Actually, she had to leave anyway.) BK regaled us with tales of deer vs. motorcycle, Dingo brought news from her travels in Southern climes, and O was doing something on her laptop for a long time as folks came and went from the different food stalls. Represented at the table were veggie burritos, tofu teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, pizza, mac 'n' cheese, chili, a veggie sammich, and even desserts. It all turned out as planned: a nice, long, relaxing evening with good company.

*60% of those present, 66% of those who ate anything.

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