Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinner review: Ballet

Roll Call: Walaka, Otis, Dingo, A-Wo, Neds, Mr. X
Guest stars: Johnbai, O
Veggie percentage: 66

It was good to see A-Wo after too long an absence from these shores! He and Dingo connected over mystery novels, and Dingo may have found an alternative source for books. Some other topics of conversation: Flat bread, in all its varied forms. Narrative continuity. Jack Black.

Note: The dinner participants met the softball twins in the street as we were leaving.

Item of Significance: The waitress with the Best Smile in Seattle wasn't working.

(These reviews won't talk about the food, because we've been to all these places, and the food is good, and this is all about the people, anyway.)

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