Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dinner: Wednesday July 2: Tacos Guaymas

This will be a sort-of bon voyage to Otis, since she leaves for Hawai'i the next day; that's why she got to choose the place. Tacos Guaymas is an odd kind of place: It has a bar/restaurant side that has sports-bar/party place vibe, and a restaurant-only side that is a bit more low-key and almost snack-barish; and outside seating. That last is what we'll be aiming at; beautiful weather and a view of Green Lake: what more could we ask for? There's a pretty good happy hour, so we'll likely get there earlier, prolly by 5:00 (which is when Otis prefers to eat anyway). Join us when you can - you know the drill!


John said...

I'll be there by 4:30 checking out the happy hour specials.

Sara said...

Tell Otis I'll send her a message in a bottle. We leave tomorrow for O'ahu. We'd love to see you both when we are all back stateside.

Diane said...

I'll see you all there once I finish my gardening chores!