Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dinner review: Tacos Guaymas

Roll call: Walaka, Otis, A-Wo, Johnbai, O, Bran, Muffin, Soapy, Lon, Jules, JagGirl, Merry, Dingo
Regrets: Dar-dar Binks, Neds, Stella
Veggie percentage: 42

A big crowd turned out to send Otis off on her trip! A-Wo turned up stag again; Johnbai & O dragged along Muffin & Bran, and we had a surprise visit from Merry (too long gone from our social scene) and JagGirl, so the seats of the initially-in-then-later-out folks were more than filled. Lon & Jules serendipitously fit the dinner in before a dessert date.

There was a bit of hassle with the restaurant: the happy hour only obtains in the bar/restaurant section, so our hopes for an outside dining experience were dashed by the exigencies of economy. Service was a bit spotty and I didn't care for my meal (dry rice and boring mole). But none of that mattered: we had critical mass for a megaton of atomic fun, and a heckuva great evening!

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